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Congratulate Tianzidi Was Rated As AAAA Scenery Spot
Tianzidi ecological resort was successfully rated as AAAA scenery spot by National Travel Bereau. The ecological environment and human ecosystem are the main features of Tianzidi. According to the standards of AAAA scenic spots, Tianzidi makes a good balance between the environment and human beings. The excellent natural environment and human ecosystem make tourists have good ecological experience and know better about the ecology to a further step. The Tianzidi’s human culture is from a local story. Long time ago, eight gods passed by this place. When they were attracted by two green dragon-look mountains, a piece of red cloud fell into the valley. One of the gods called Tieguaili said it was the place where son of the heaven was born. Even though it was a legend, 1,600 years ago, the founder of Song Dynasty was born in this place. Tianzidi ecological resort consists of four parts. The first part is Tianzi Village. Tianzi village is full of rural scenery and fun. Tianzi village, similar to the building style in the lower reaches of Yangtze River, was built along the hillside. There are comfortable rooms, spacious dining rooms, classic and elegant meeting rooms, dancing rooms, Tianzi Lake, Tianzi Spring and different kinds of stands selling delicious delicacies. The second part is Tianzi ecological valley. Tianzi ecological valley is over 1,000 meters. On both sides of the valley, there are many a tree, valuable flower and herb. Flying birds, running animals and swimming fishes can be seen here and there. The beautiful bird singing and stunning fall will make all the visitors excited. The third part is Tianzi Cave. The total area of the cave, which consists of three large parts, is 16,000 square meters. The travel line is 1,200 meters. It was said that Emperor Liu Yu once had a rest in this cave. That’s why people call it Tianzi cave. The spacious patio, deep river underground, hanging fall and the crowded stalactites together make the splendid landscape. The last part is on the top of the mountain. Look far away into mountains covered by emerald trees from 750 meters altitude, you can see two green dragon-look mountains winding towards Tianzi Lake, just like two dragons playing with the pearl. During the rainy days, the mountains will be surrounded by drifting clouds just like a fairy swaying her silk sleeves. Climb up to the top of the mountain by cable cars, dragon-look mountains, farm houses, and other gorgeous landscape are all into your eyes. Go down to the 16,000 square meters shaft-well cave, splendid underground landscapes will also capture you. Walk along the valley, both sides are covered by emerald trees. Flying birds, running animals and swimming fishes can be seen now and then. When you are tired of the noisy city life and harmful haze, the green mountains, clear water and fresh air in Tianzidi will refresh you and help you outlet your pressure. Tianzidi is one of the best destinations to relax yourselves and recharge yourselves. Welcome to Tianzidi ecological resort.
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