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A Record of Daily Visitors’ Amount in Tianzidi on the Day of G20 Summit

In September, Hangzhou made the world surprised. The day before the opening of G20 Summit, the best one in history, Tianzidi ecological resortalso became one of the most popular scenic spots. On the opening day, over 12,000 visitors came to visit Tianzidi, a record of daily visitors’ amount. Under joint efforts of Tianzidi and local government, even though it was crowded with people and vehicles, careful pre-arranged planning, enough staff in service, and timely adjustment to the emergency made contribution to the good order in Tianzidi. These measures contributed to the free open for the citizens in Hangzhou. In order to make visitors have a better experience, all the staff in the spot worked from morning to the night with thoughtful service. All the visitors were safely sent to the top of the mountain. After exploring the marvelous caves of million years, breathing fresh air full of negative oxygen, travelling the mysterious valley and tasting delicious delicacies, citizens said that the joyful and satisfied moments in Tianzidi made their holiday contented and meaningful. Tianzidi has become a stunning scenery spot.

Besides, even the government officials from Baijiang town came to the site to make sure the visitors had a safe visit in Tianzidi. Because of the only parking lot was full, government officials immediately deployed and opened the second parking lot and put it into use. The thoughtful service and citizens’ travelling passion made contribution to the record of daily visitors’ amount.

The free open will last to Sept.7, in order to receive more visitors in the near future, Mr. Chen Xingliang, chairman of Jurong Group, issued instructions to the executives, requiring them to complete the pre-arranged planning to a further step, add more people and equipments at site, and provide more considerate service. In this way, citizens can fully enjoy the ecological wellness travel in Tianzidi.

Warmly welcome to Tianidi.

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