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  Five areas of Jurong
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News & Events
2017-01-23 | Jurong Group Celebrate Chinese New Year
2017-01-20 | Congratulate Tianzidi Was Rated As AAAA Scenery Spot
2016-12-30 | Jurong Group Wish You Happy New Year
2016-11-16 | Enhance Staff’s Quality and Strive to Be Outstanding Service Star
2016-09-18 | The Latest Anticipating Blueprint of Tianzidi
2016-09-05 | A Record of Daily Visitors’ Amount in Tianzidi on the Day of G20 Summit
2016-07-30 | Over Fifty Executives from More Than Thirty Travel Agencies Visit Tianzidi
2016-07-29 | Shanghai Counterparts Focus on the New Wellness Vocation Model Created by Tianzidi
2016-06-22 | Oriental Impression—Advertising Video of Tianzidi Ecological Resort
2016-04-27 | UFW Ambassador Yue Lei Made a Public Speech in Tianzidi
2016-04-25 | Follow CCTV to Tonglu Tianzidi Ecological Resort in the Most Beautiful County of China (I)
2016-04-25 | Follow CCTV to Tonglu Tianzidi Ecological Resort in the Most Beautiful County of China (II)
2016-04-19 | Spring Group and Jurong Group Plant the Friendship Woods Together in Tianzidi
2016-03-07 | Jurong Group Wish All The Female Staff Happy Women's Day
2016-02-20 | Car Enthusiasts Gathered in Tianzidi to Celebrate The Lantern Festival
2016-02-05 | Happy New Year
2016-01-25 | Leading Group Meeting for The Project One Was Solemnly Held in Tianzidi
2015-12-10 | Jurong Group Signed A Beautiful Town With Mountain-water Landscape
2015-10-31 | CCTV Reported Tianzidi Ecological Tourist Area
2015-09-28 | The First Chinese Chestnut Festival in East China: Thousands of People Visited Tianzidi
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